Top 10 Good movies to watch when you are bored

10 Good movies to watch when you are bored

It is often said that good movies always have a power that can recreate or enhance one’s values if once watched by laying all the focus. As we all know, online streaming services are in demand these days, while some time back, we know how important was it for friends to go out for a movie. Rather, watching really good movies too plays a key role in the development of mental health. Because it can be said that it provides a great deal of relaxation and escape from the daily busy work schedules. Watching movies might help people who are less expressive to sometimes laugh wholeheartedly, happier while crying. Hence, watching movies has a good number of benefits, which can prove out to be the best as movies provide us with a sense of awareness. Thus, for today, let us explore this world of movies and some fantasies where you can binge-watch and gain great value and will stay with you for the rest of the life, and these are super good movies to watch for. Here is the collection of Top 10 good movies to watch when you are bored:

Good movies to watch

  • The Shawshank Redemption:
    Ever best movie to watch A movie made during the 1940s and directed by Frank Darabont. It is Tim Robbins, also known as Andy Dufresne, who is being sentenced to imprisonment in Marine’s Shawshank prison. Because he had murdered his wife and her lover. The whole movie revolves around how andy learns and gets him out of the cruelty of prison. Due to all this, he had even earned the respect of his fellow mates. He also shares a good bond with two of the men.
  • The Godfather:
    An award-winning and an excellent movie to watch It is a crime + drama type of movie; rather, it should be a film series to watch for. It is made to perfection because it had no actualized the situation of civilian victims organized for crime; no women are in the clutches of prostitution; no lives are spoiled by gambling. Here, the police officer is exhibited to be corrupt. The cinematography and the haunting sequel, and the acting of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino are a sure shot hit.
  • The Dark Knight:
    I must say it is one of the really good movies. In this particular movie, Batman, who is has the psychological powers and physical strengths to fight injustice. The Joker causes this injustice or havoc on the people of Gotham. This movie is fully packed with action, drama, and crime as well.
  • 12 Angry Men:
    Sidney Lumet directed it. The story-line of the movie revolves around a jury that even tries to curb the injustice that is being enforced by these colleagues. And he wants his colleagues to reconsider the pieces of evidence. It turns out to be a good movie to watch and has life-changing events as well.
  • The Lord of The Rings/ the Fellowship of The Ring:
    A story-line is about a meek member of an imaginary race that is a bit similar to humans, whose name is Frodo Baggins. With his eight friends went on a journey to destroy the powerful One ring as it was being preoccupied with the dark Lord Sauron and saved Middle-earth from his havoc.
  • Inception:
    What makes it a perfect movie to watch? Let us have a look. Being directed by Christopher Nolan, this particular film is about a keen thief who steals away the corporate secrets which then use dream-sharing technology which made him turn up his life and mind as a CEO
  • Seven Samurai:
    It was a really good movie about seven unemployed samurais who help relentlessly save the poor village that is attacked by Bandits. The movie’s very plot has now been recycled in The Magnificent Seven in Hollywood, giving it a touch of Sci-Fi to capture more and the audience.
  • Tangerines:
    It was Counted as a good movie to watch, which is being released in 1992. it describes how the war-like situation rises in Abkhazia [a region of gorgeia]. This film is about the kindness that a man is naming Ivo, who is an Estonian. And in this bloodshed, he decides to his crops of tangerines and saves the lives of two wounded men. The movie too possesses many of the awards like Satellite Awards for a Best Motion Picture- International.
  • The Help:
    A story of a new and kind author whose name is Skeeter, during the civil rights movement, wrote a book highlighting the African American maids. The daily hardships and experiences of their work are being projected through this. One of the best movies to watch, which is written and directed by Tate Taylor and has won several awards like the academy award for best actress
  • The Invisible Guests:
    What makes this movie a sure shot hit is a mystery which will fantasize you till the end. It is a story of an indeed successful entrepreneur who is being accused forcefully of murder, and he has only three hours to come up with his defense. The businessman wakes and finds that his lover dead. He then hires a reputable lawyer to help him defend himself. They then worked together and found out what had happened that night. Hence, the movie is fully packed up with crime, drama, mystery movie to watch.


Proper research on spending three valuable hours must be done. One should always look for a movie that leaves or imparts a mark on the watching person. Sometimes, without proper research, people end up watching boring movies. These boring movies sometimes do not have a proper baseline. Hence, a proper combination must be selected to leave a good imprint on the mind, soul, and heart. And movies play a key role when we feel bored. We always feel watching something interesting as well as entertaining. Thus, sometimes we do not have anything good to see. Hence, the movies mentioned above might prove to be a hit in this situation.


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