Sure signs of a bad movie before going to the theatre

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When you go to the theatres and watch a new movie, the enthusiasm is unmatched. But the moment you realize that it is a bad movie, you regret your choice of the movie. It can either happen due to bad judgment or due to a lack of research on the movie. After all, you had paid for the ticket!

Similarly, when someone recommends a TV series to you, you expect a lot from it. Recommendation and suggestions help us discover, which is a good or bad movie. A streaming platform may suggest movies available on it or based on your choices.

Instead of going for a lousy movie and regretting it, it is best to observe signs that depict the movie quality. The movie poster can show creativity, but the judgment is not reliable—the same case with the review based on the movie trailer.

But in a theatre, when a new movie release date is put up, we all get excited about it. Going to a theatre or watching on some online streaming platform depends on person to person.

But to predict almost close to what you might call a bad movie, you should look for the signs that will ensure your judgment.

Also, a ubiquitous bad movie sign might be the sequel, prequel, or remake factor. If it is not an original, people stay away from it mainly because few remakes succeed in recreating their magic.

Start from a movie trailer and a poster

The best movie trailers ever are proof of how a movie trailer can show a summary of the actual movie might turn out. A movie trailer is made for advertising and promoting the movie into the market.

These trailers might appear on your TV screens, social media, and Youtube. A streaming platform might also promote the trailers and teasers.

Teasers are merely composed of some seconds, and they are used nowadays as an announcement for upcoming seasons of web and TV series. Thus, they’re like mini trailers.

The movie trailer should excite the audience and make them eager to watch the movie or TV series.

If the movie trailer fails to appeal to the viewers, it can be tagged negatively by critics leading to a box office failure.

A movie poster equally plays an important role. The director’s ideas and views or the marketing team’s creativity should allure the theatre audience. When a movie release date is announced, the poster is released.

First of all, people look for the actors in the movie poster. If the male or female lead is already famous for making good movies, it will convince them. But if the actor is controversial or has recently done a bad movie, it is more likely to fail.

If there are bad taglines, dialogues, and bad editing and acting, the movie trailer almost acts like a warning that a bad movie is ahead!

Sometimes it depends even on the release date

The movie release date decides the fate of the movie. The holidays on which they may release might not be the popular ones. Usually, a movie released during a trending season or under favorable conditions can be a good one. A bad movie is likely to release on unpopular holidays.

When a movie does not have an advanced screening for critics, it is suspicious and most likely a bad movie.

The name of the director means a lot

Famous directors like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, etc., have a spot at movie awards. It is not that they’re the chosen ones. They rarely make a bad movie. The storyline and overall impact of their movies are powerful.

Experience in the field is a crucial point. New directors might face setbacks at the start, but if they master marketing and audience appeal techniques, they can succeed too.

Once a director makes continuous hits, they set a standard. There is perfection in their trailers, posters, marketing, and also the movie flow.

If it’s a TV series – the platform has a weight

A TV series is something which makes us impatient and eager for the next season. Thanks to those exciting yet annoying cliffhangers!

With advances in the entertainment sector, the television has been replaced by something called a streaming platform.

The streaming platform should be known and valued in the industry. If the movie or TV series is streamed on a new platform, it is possibly not right. Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime mostly show the best shows and TV series.

So, the popularity of the streaming platform matters!

Remember, everything has exceptions

Since we cannot judge a book by its cover, it is not ethical to judge a movie by its promotional tactics.

A bad movie can have the best cast, production team, or a good director, but a simple storyline can

Even the opposite scenario may occur. A good movie might get negative reviews on the trailer, poster, or promotions in this case. But only when the audience sees it, the actual colors would be shown.

Even the most significant directors have failed at some time in their careers.

Here are some movies which failed at the box office, but were good:

  • Fight Club (1999)
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2009)
  • Annihilation (2018)
  • Hugo (2011)
  • Children of Men (2006)
  • The Lone Ranger (2013)
  • Steve Jobs (2015)

Many more left to be added to the list, but the above list has some popular favorites, which unfortunately did not do good in theatres!

Concluding the discussion

The components do not always determine a bad movie; rather, it depends on how well it is promoted and released. The audience should decide their movies according to their judgments.

A movie poster and trailer are determinants that might carry or display sure signs that prove that it is a bad movie.

The occurrence of promotions and movie release date might be some signs to look out for. Also, a bad movie might look good in the posters, promotions, and trailers, but may disappoint when viewed in the theatre.

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